Regardless of Where You Are, We Guide You in Every Step of the Process

The U.S. residential real estate market is one of the largest and most dynamic worldwide, attracting investors from all five continents due to the nation´s stability and robust legal system.

Although we invite you to visit us in Detroit, you can still buy properties remotely and without having a U.S. visa.

Safe & Insured Transactions

We manage every investment transaction through a renowed title company accredited by the U.S. government to operate, which: 

All-Inclusive Property Management

An efficient property management is the key to your investment´s success. The local multi-disciplinary team that manages your homes will help you navigate successfully through the day-to-day challenges in order to fulfill your Detroit real estate investment strategy.

Additional Support

Creation of an LLC
Opening of a bank account
Tax filing

How Do I Invest in Metro Detroit Rentals?

What are the steps to invest? What is the required documentation? How long does the process take? Can it be done remotely? Share us your contact information, and we will answer all of your questions in your language of preference.

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