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We are a real estate investment firm specialized in residential rental properties in Metro Detroit, United States, for investors worldwide searching for high returns and a stable rental income.

Interested in Investing in Detroit?

Detroit, A Highly Profitable Investment Opportunity

Detroit, Michigan has experienced one of the greatest comebacks in the U.S., positioning itself as a popular investment target for investors from around the world seeking to benefit from high rental returns.


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Real Estate Investments With Immediate Cash Flow

We strive to minimize risk for our investors, based on professionalism, transparency and integrity.

Our homes are already rented and operating when purchased, generating a stable rental income from the first month.

Stable rental income, with figures already known at the moment of purchase.

Many homes are rented through federal or third-party assistance programs, like Section 8, whereby rent is paid by the U.S. Government directly.

When buying a house, you (or your LLC) obtain a cleared property title that is publicly recorded and backed by a title insurance policy.

We work with a licensed and renowned  title company that guarantees the proper title transfer and issues a title insurance policy in your name.

Access to a fully-customized owner portal with up-to-date information, for an easy and transparent investment follow-up.

The U.S. legal system protects private property and facilitates an expedite eviction process for rent-delinquent tenants.

The local team that manages your homes uses the same streamlined and robust operational process used for their own rental investments, striving to maximize transparency and your long-term financial return. 

No matter where you are located, we guide you throughout the entire investment process.

How Do I Invest in Metro Detroit Rentals?

What are the steps to invest? What is the required documentation? How long does the process take? Can it be done remotely? Share us your contact information, and we will answer all of your questions in your language of preference.

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