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Where and How to Invest Safely in Rental Homes in the U.S.

Nisus Article in EMOL-May 25, 2022

May 25, 2022

Click to read the full article in the Chilean online newspaper: EMOL


Detroit-based firm Nisus Real Estate develops affordable housing rental portfolios in Detroit, Michigan, for investors worldwide interested in high returns in USD and diversification.  


Given the current global volatility in the stock markets and high levels of inflation, more and more Latin Americans are seeking to invest with long-term capital preservation and with a competitive and immediate rental income. In this sense, Nisus Real Estate offers opportunities in Detroit’s rental affordable housing, a segment that protects against inflation and that provides an immediate cash flow in Dollars (USD$) higher than the real interest rate offered by most banks.


Currently, the United States is facing a severe shortage of affordable housing for working-class families looking to rent. This is one of the factors that makes Nisus Real Estate’s offer attractive, since it meets this primary need. For example, the city of Detroit alone is short by more than 100,000 rental homes in this segment, and the monthly rent has increased by more than 25% in the last three years. In addition, a high percentage of the firm’s portfolio has rents paid directly by the U.S. Government as part of its federal Section 8 housing subsidy program, minimizing the risk of this asset class.


Detroit, located in the central region of the U.S., currently represents one of the largest real estate investment opportunities in the country, with residential prices starting at US$80,000 (below the national median of US$391,200 according to S&P CoreLogic Case- Shiller). In addition, this city has a high level of development and public and private investment.


Detroit’s economic resurgence has attracted well-known corporations, which in turn have contributed to the increased demand for rental housing. These include Google, Amazon, Twitter, StockX, Microsoft, among others. Additionally, Detroit is positioning itself as the global capital of the electric and autonomous automotive industry, with recent millionaire investments by Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler.


Bechara Barghout, the firm’s Director of Operations, mentioned that you can buy a just rehabbed three-bedroom house in a good neighborhood for US$95,000, with a monthly rent of $1,100. This translates into an approximate annual net return of 9.5% to 10.5%, after deducting expenses and property taxes. “Therefore, investing in this segment in Detroit continues to be a smart alternative to preserve capital and protect it against current inflation, while receiving a monthly income stream in U.S. Dollars.”


About Nisus Real Estate

Certified with a real estate broker license, Nisus Real Estate provides an all-in-one, reliable rental investment service. From advice on selecting the right property; legal and accounting support on how to become a foreign property owner; to full-service local property management.  Their property management service includes: renting the house and signing leases, collecting rents, solving maintenance requests, managing insurance and utilities, book-keeping, paying property taxes and sending monthly Owner Statements, among others.

Nisus Real Estate has a professional local team based in Detroit, which offers a personalized service in Spanish and other languages to a wide pool of investors from around the world. The rental properties it offers are strategically selected to maximize profitability. The firm acquires, remodels and rents them all in-house, in order to comply with the safety requirements demanded by the City and rental assistance programs.

Having all the services integrated under one roof allows Nisus Real Estate to create long-term relationships with investors. On one hand, the most important expenses are already known at the time of purchase. On the other one, it enables the firm to respond directly for high quality standards and cost-efficiency when repairs are needed.



How to Invest

Nisus Real Estate’s value proposition is aimed at investors from all over the world looking for a medium -to-long-term high and stable cash flow in US Dollars as a shield against inflation, while preserving their savings. To buy a house, it is not necessary to travel to the United States or have an American visa. The process is designed to provide confidence to the investor, using the most robust purchase-sale and ownership transfer procedures in the market. Nisus works with a well-know Title Company, which holds the Buyer’s funds in a trust account until the title is proven to be free of liens and concerns. In addition, clients receive a title insurance policy granted by leading insurers in the market.


Andrés Montenegro, Investor Relations Executive, stated: “Our investors become sole owners of their homes in the United States, which are duly registered in the Michigan public property registry. From a legal standpoint, as real estate owners they are protected by the U.S. law.”


The net income received from the operation is deposited monthly directly into the investor’s account, accompanied by an Owner Statement detailing any expenses related to the property, such as insurance and property taxes. One of the added values of Nisus Real Estate is its online Owner Portal, which grants investors access from their mobile phone or tablet to the property’s legal documentation and the status of the investment.

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