Investing in Rental Properties in Detroit is Easy & Safe

No. You can invest from anywhere in the world, safely and the transaction is backed by an insurance policy and the U.S. law on private property. We will open a bank account in the U.S. for you as well if needed.

Yes. Most of our investors reside outside of the United States. As a non-resident, you can either buy the property in your own name or open a limited liability company (LLC) for such purpose. If needed, we can assist you in the creation of your LLC.

Yes. We buy and remodel all the properties we sell. We put a great amount of effort in selecting and buying homes with a high tenant demand and in areas with the highest appreciation potential, in order to offer the most profitable investment opportunities. Our selection process entails our use of geolocation software combined with our local knowledge, as well as a detailed demographic, economic and fiscal analysis of each property.

  • Transparency & accountability: Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our investors, based on full transparency and honesty. We keep our promises, presenting realistic yet conservative income projections that take into account all possible costs in the long run, so that you are well-informed when you choose to invest. 
  • Security:  Our firm is accredited by the state of Michigan, with licensed real estate brokers and agents. We manage our transactions with a well-respected and licensed title company, which is also used by the largest banks in the country to structure their mortgage loans. 
  • 25 years of experience: We are a multi-disciplinary team with a long track record in investments and Detroit real estate. We professionally handle the entire investment process for you: from creating your own LLC and selecting properties in strategic areas with high rent demand, to high-standard remodeling process, leasing, 24/7 maintenance and accounting. 
  • Online owner portal: All of our investors have access to a customized online portal, for a transparent investment follow-up

Yes, our founders are investors and we offer investment opportunities in the same strategic areas where they have invested. Our management team follows the same investor-focused operational process used for their own Investments as well, striving to maximize your rental return while abiding by all city requirements. 

We offer homes in different neighborhoods throughout Detroit and Southeast Michigan, in both bungalow and colonial styles. Some homes have brick exteriors and others have vinyl or aluminum siding. They generally have 2 to 3 rooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, a basement and a large patio. Some have a garage as well.

Our properties are all located within the 7 strategic areas that the municipality has defined as where to focus all public and private investments and development. We typically invest outside the city’s perimeter, where a large portion of the urban population has moved to during the last few years. These neighborhoods all have schools and/or a university nearby, as well parks, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, shops and a hospital. It is also important that they have easy access to freeways and to downtown Detroit.

The investment process is simple and can be done remotely, regardless of what country you are in, in around 2 weeks. We work with a licensed title company and one of the largest in the United States, which will:  

  • Perform an extensive search on each property to make sure it has no encumbrances or debts. 
  • Coordinate the closing transaction and verifying that all the documentation is in order. 
  • Provide a property title under the investor’s name.
  • Issue a title insurance policy from a well-respected insurance company, guaranteeing  that the title is clear of any encumbrances. 
  • Receive and reserve the funds from the investor in its escrow account, until the proper property transfer has taken place and the title insurance policy is issued. Only after this process is complete, the funds are disbursed to Nisus Real Estate.

We take all the precautionary measures to ensure our transactions take place safely and free of any inconvenience:

  • We work with a renown and accredited title company, one of the largest in the country, that is responsible for guaranteeing smooth transfer of title, free of any encumbrances and debts.
  • This same title company provides a title insurance policy, from a solid and well-respected insurance company, that will protect you in case any problem arises with the property title.
  • For additional security, your funds are transferred not directly to Nisus Real Estate but to the title company’s escrow account, where they remain reserved until the title company acknowledges that the property transfer has been completed and that you have your title insurance policy.
  • The title company also publicly records the transfer of title, and the U.S. law protects private property.

The title insurance, which is paid by the investor (buyer) warrants a smooth title transfer to the new owner and that the title is clear of any debts and encumbrances. It also guarantees that the funds related to the transaction are distributed as established in the closing documents.

The closing costs, which are paid to the title company, include the title company´s fees for carrying out the transaction and all the costs and expenses related to the title transfer and public recording under the new owner.

In Michigan, transfer of title of a real property is done through a state licensed title company. This company will manage the entire transaction, from the buyer and seller´s side, being responsible for: 1) preparing and signing all the closing documentation; 2) the correct transfer of funds between buyer and seller; and 3) issuing the title insurance policy; and 4) publicly recording the new title.

Although we are not legal advisors and we cannot provide legal advice, we believe that creating a limited liability company (LLC) has its advantages with respect to limiting liability.

Although we are not legal advisors and we cannot provide legal advice, the differences lie mainly in maintenance costs and confidentiality of the members. Michigan offers economic LLC maintenance services and its members remain confidential.

Although we are not fiscal advisors and we cannot provide fiscal advice, we understand that tax reductions may include: management costs, depreciation, travelling to see the properties and other legal costs.

Although we are not an accounting studio, we do offer a reliable third-party service that will file your income tax statement for you.

We recommend that you do use a U.S. bank account in which your rental return is deposited monthly. If you do not have one, we can assist you in opening one for you.

Yes. The team managing your homes has extensive experience in Section 8 and its different housing authorities, as well as other third-party funding programs.

The rental certificate is a document issued by the city, which certifies that the property complies with all the construction requirements and that it is apt to be rented. The process entails a city inspection of the property. The homes we sell already include this certification.

Yes. As the legal owner of the property, you can sell it whenever you choose to. We are real estate brokers licensed in the state of Michigan and can certainly help you sell it through the open market (MLS) and through our wide network of local real estate agents

New Rental Investment Opportunities!

We are constantly adding new rentals to our Detroit portfolio. If you are interested in learning about the latest deals, fill out your contact information and we will send them to you shortly.

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